Friday, April 17, 2009


Hey Y'all!

Well Kim has been in the hospital for a few days and got out yesterday afternoon. She is having blackouts that I think are seizures, and fell several times and hurt herself. The doctors have now put her on steroids that are suppose to help her retain fluid and keep her blood pressure up. Evidently the extra liter of fluid a day that the doctors in Winston Salem told her to consume just wasn't enough. Poor thing fell when she was in the bathroom and hit her jaw, chin, and ribs; xrays and ultrasounds showed no broken bones. She gets so beat up but nothing ever shows because her circulation is so bad that she doesn't bruise!

Well, I have to tell you about something that I want to do so that maybe I'll do it if I post about it. KWIM? DigiScrapAddicts is having a designer contest called 'So You Think You Can Design?' It seems that there are hundreds of entries and this is their second year of hosting the contest. The grand prize is a 3 month guest designer spot at Scrap Orchard Designs! Whoo! I'd really like to sell some of my 'stuff' since everyone around here have lost their jobs and some income would certainly help out! A few of you have suggested that I am good enough, but AM I? I have to include some previews of items I have designed with the application so I thought of the Christmas Around The World Kit and the last one I did, Spring Forward. Wish me luck, please! Designing is truly what I love to do, much more than digi scrapping. When Kim is really bad I find that if I just start designing something that I can get my mind calmed down enough to focus on something else!

I have to get started on tonight's dinner.


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