Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey Y'all! I actually have something 'good' to report on Kimberli. She drove to my house Saturday afternoon and we went to lunch and a short shopping trip. She did really, really well except for the fact that she kept crying. It has been almost 6 months since she was able to come and visit us and she kept getting overwhelmed at the thought. She is trying so hard to leave her family with good memories of her; she thinks I don't know what she's doing but I do. She's talking about visiting her father in August, will she see August? Please pray for her to have some relief from the constant pain she is in with the feeding tube as well as some relief from trying to deal with an obstinate and selfish teenager. It's so apparent that she doesn't have that much longer to live and you'd think her Husband and Daughter would treat her more kindly. It really was great to see her 'up and about' for that short time. She goes to the gastro specialist Wednesday and hopefully he can come up with a remedy for the problems with the feeding tube. She goes to a kidney specialist on July 1; please pray the outcome will not be terrible. I know, I always sound defeated-wouldn't you? I am trying though.

Hope all my friends having birthdays this week have great ones-keep in touch Jill and Nicole! Happy one Paul and Blair! Happy Anniversary Jeanette!

I'm off to work on some albums.



M.Kate said...

Hi Liv, my prayers are always for Kim. Stay strong and never give up, while there are difficulties, there is also hope and love. Hugs/M

Vicki C said...

Oh Liv.. I think of Kim, so often.. especially when I feel sorry for myself about SILLY things, I have no business complaining about. I keep her in my prayers and you too!