Monday, July 4, 2011

My Cutie Pie Has Left The Premises!

Hey Y'all!

Well my Tabitha went home on Friday evening and it has taken me these last three days to come to terms with it.  She says she wants to come back and visit during her Christmas break but I kind of doubt she will be allowed to.  This past week, that she spent with me, was wonderful!  We laughed, talked, hugged and just enjoyed each other so much; it was the first time I have seen her in five years (she was 12 at the time).  She is a happy and loving teenager and a joy to be around.  She brought some of her graphic artwork for me to see and I am really impressed with her quick conquering of PhotoShop.

Isn't she a cutie!? She's just as beautiful on the inside too!

Here is some of her artwork:
My Tabitha

The street is a creek!
I have been trying to get over impacted sinuses and now a painful and swollen eye.  My daughter says they are probably connected.  I have been using Dr. Oz's remedy of salt water nose washes and I almost drowned myself this morning! I know too much information!  I'm a sad looking momma though and if I wasn't so vain I'd post a photo of my distorted pitiful face!

I've finished another kit; it is an add-on to the True Blue Free Collaboration that's available this month at Southern Comfort Scraps.  I previously said it was with a $5 purchase but it's with a $6 purchase because it is so Huge!  This add-on includes some great fireworks (if I do say so myself); they look great on dark backgrounds.

I certainly hope you all are enjoying your long 4th of July weekend in the States and are having a better Monday than I am throughout the world!


Vicki C said...

Oh.. I'm so glad you both enjoyed your visit so much. She is beautiful! I'm sorry your not feeling well Liv.. I hope things are starting to improve, because that sounds miserable!
As for the kit... Gorgeous!
ps. Oh..that photo... is stunning and such a good effect!

M.Kate said...

Yes, she's very pretty and also talented :)b