Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yes, we did have an earthquake!  My youngest daughter lives not far from the epicenter of Mineral Virginia, the site of a 5.9 earthquake.  They are all okay, for now, and are just hoping that the phone and electrical lines stay operational.  According to Suzi, the Richmond area is acting like business as usual with no closed bridges or businesses closing, yet hundreds of miles away people are being evacuated from their buildings.  Really weird, huh? Suzi works for a bank in Richmond and they refused to let their employees evacuate the building during or after the quake!  There was also a quake in Colorado of 5.3 on the Richter scale just prior to the one near Richmond.  And now we are expecting a hurricane to sweep in and up the Eastern Seaboard.  I hope that when the news starts pouring in about the quake that there were no fatalities or major property damage. Also any prayers offered for those in the path of the oncoming hurricane will be appreciated. Think we may be living life on the edge?

Sorry I have been MIA lately; I haven't been well and a lot has been going on around here that takes my attention. Hope to get back soon.


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