Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Check-In

Hey Y’all!

I wanted to let you know about some of the things that have been happening around here. 
On the home front I have been on pins and needles and totally sadden by the fact that my good friend’s brain tumor turned into 2 tumors that are both malignant and inoperable.  Her speech, appetite, and equilibrium have been getting worse and worse but she didn’t seem to be plagued by the seizures as she had been in prior years and one of her physicians felt that it was her thyroid becoming hyper.  After he put her on numerous meds and things did not improve, an appointment was made to see her neurologist. That turned into several trips to have MRI’s and the like, which led to the diagnosis of the development of cancer in her brain.  I really don’t understand why some doctors feel it’s necessary to put patients through unnecessary pain and suffering.  The tumors have reached roots way down into Jan’s brain and cannot be excised and there seems to be no hope of recovery but her surgeon felt the need to put her in the hospital and do a biopsy on the tumors to find out what kind of cancer they are! Hello . . . they are growing so fast that chemo and/or radiation cannot possibly help so why put her through that surgery?  Why not let her quality of life be better, even if the quantity is less? I guess these are questions I will never have answered but I can tell you that I hate to see my friend go through all this pain and suffering.

While waiting for Jan to come home, I have been working on several projects; I have two new kits in the works and have joined another Scrapbooking Store.  During the wee hours of this morning, I uploaded a few of my small elements into that shop at greatly reduced prices.  I think what I will do is introduce products at Southern Comfort Scraps and then move them to Whisprd Designz after they have aged and sell them at reduced prices.  Sounds like a plan to me! The design is linked to Whisprd Designz.
I have so much to do and I just cannot seem to get my body to do what my mind knows that needs to be done!  Joshua’s birthday is coming up and so is my friend Vicki’s mom.  I need to get busy with their cards and I think Vic’s birthday is just around the corner and Jan’s is in November too.  I also have a cyber friend that is coming to visit me in October, and I have been diligently trying to get all this Social Security and Medicare stuff done. Whew! I make myself tired just thinking of it!  For you youngsters, when you get up into your sixties, things that use to be just drops in the bucket now take on enormous porportions that are really hard to accomplish, at least for me!

I hope to get everything accomplished and make up a couple of freebie quickpages soon. Y’all take care of yourselves and pray for my Jan.

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Vicki C said...

Oh my Liv.. I'm so so sorry to hear about what is going on with your dear friend Jan. Things like this .. remind me just how tiny any problems I may think I have really are! I will certainly be thinking of her, and keeping her in my prayers.( and you too) sending you a big hug sweetie!

I know you are so busy and have so much on your mind right now..but I am so proud and happy for all you accomplishments and new endevors this past year. Hugs, vic