Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Store!

Hello Y'all!

I've joined another store! I am now a proud designer at Scrapping Your Memories. Super store, super designers, and super owner! I've been chipping away at getting all my products uploaded and sending out my newsletter.  Did you sign up for my newsletter?  I have coupons (this weeks is 50% off a complete order from my shops) and freebies and tips and tuts. If you sign up within the next few days, you will receive this week's coupons and freebie because I am planning on sending it out again on Wednesday. With more stores come more responsibilities so I trying my best to stay healthy and busy :o)

Y'all stay safe out there in the mid-west; get in those storm shelters before the storms hit! Wish we had a storm cellar or even an ordinary basement to retreat to when the hurricanes come our way.  You don't see many basements in our area because when you dig down 3 feet you hit water! We would drown before the hurricane got to us!

Okay, gotta hit the files!

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