Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Glorious Christmas!

It's completed! Glorious Christmas has been uploaded to all my stores (links on your right) and is ready for you! If you would like to be able to pick this kit up for the cheapest price, go to ScrapBird! ScrapBird is having month long sales since it's her birthday month. The percentage lowers with every week we are nearer to Christmas so go and get yours soon!

 There are more previews available via the Newest Kit Previews tab above!

I have made you a little gift of some printable Christmas tags.  Print out as many as you need, punch a hole in the upper left corner, add string or ribbon, and put on your gifts; you can also forgo making the hole and glue or tape the tags on. I hope  you like this little freebie. Chris has made a couple of quickpages for you too! I have one in my newsletter that was sent out this morning; you can only get it by receiving my newsletter and I have decided to offer the newsletter freebies each newsletter through to the 1st week of the new year since everyone is so busy this month! Sign up for my newsletter on your right.

You can get the free Christmas tags at 4Shared HERE  or  MediaFire HERE!

Here is the quickpage Chris made that's available only through my newsletter (the year date is left blank so you may add you own):

I sincerely hope you all are having a wonderful December no matter where you live and no matter which holiday this month you call your own!


Happy Holidays!

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