Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm back . . . !

Hello y'all!  Well, I had a very interesting couple of months off, did you miss me at all? LOL!  Supposed to have relaxed and have a leisurely vacation but of course with my luck I chose February to go down (hard) with my back. I should count myself lucky though because at least I didn't have to sit at the PC working for hours at a time but I really really missed Photoshop!

We had a blizzard like snow, over 16 inches, in February so it was quite interesting to see Minnie and I go out for her potty breaks and try and not break our necks! Minnie is 8 inches tall at the shoulder so I had to keep her close up against the house so I wouldn't lose sight of her in the snow!

One of the things I did during my break was join a new digital store, Raining Digitals.  It is an awesome place to work and I love all the folks associated with Raining Digitals! I have previews of my new products under the 'Newest Kit Previews' tab above. Please come by and give us a look, register for our newsletter, and watch out for the RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness) and FWP's (Free with Purchase)!

Click Image to Visit Raining Digitals!

This week's blog gift is the calendar for March, the April calendar is in this week's newsletter:
Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoy the calendar gift and that you have a wonderful productive week!

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Anonymous said...

Blessings an many thanks for this awesome gift , hugs Nana Kat