Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday's Blog Gift

Hello Fans,
Sorry I was so rude last week and didn't say anything when I posted the gift.  My Minnie was sick again and I just wasn't up to making nice; she is much better today though! I don't have any new photos of Minnie but I do have some of my 4 month old great grandson, Jase, to share.  He is such a happy baby that you cannot help but smile and be happy too when you see him!

He always has that smile on his face. His Dad, my grandson Tim, called my daughter this week and told her that Jase discovered he could scream and has been practicing all week!  The first time he did it he scared himself and couldn't figure out where the noise came from, but you cannot keep a little boy confused for long!

This week's Sunday Blog Gift and Newsletter Gift are papers and matching frames.  The frames were styled from digital tapes. Hope you have signed up for my newsletter so you can get both sets!  Just click on the link below the preview to get your gift.

This is the newsletter gift:

Thanks for coming by!

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