Monday, March 30, 2009

Kim is home

Hey Y'all,
Just a quick update: Kim came home late yesterday afternoon from Winston-Salem. The car ride made her very uncomfortable but she didn't complain. Joshua sat with her and they read two books together before she had to go to bed. The home health nurse came to hook her up to the nutrition feed and Kim was in bed asleep by 7:30pm!

I'm really confused about this feeding tube thing. I thought she would have a port that opened and closed when necessary for the feedings. Kim's tube is not a port, in fact it is a very tiny tube that has about 12 inches exposed outside her body; there is no cap or closing! How can this be safe? Can germs or foreign objects just get to the intestines unimpeded? If anyone else out there is familiar with this, could you please share your knowledge with me?

I'm working on a twenty year x 4 digital scrapbook for a friend. She is going to actually pay me to sort, scan, log in, and make 4 digital scrapbooks for her family and 3 children. I'm also going to be transferring all her printed photos to digital and file them on DVDs for her. Personally, I think this project will take over a year!

I'm also working on an Easter digital kit that I will post soon.


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Brooke - in Oregon said...

HI Liv
Glad Kim is home, thanks for the update. I know NOTHING about the tube but ya it seems strange to me for it not to be capped. But maybe it causes more harm to cap it than leaving it open? Hope you get some answers!!