Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally, some Good News!

Hey Y'all,

Kim went to the nephrologist this morning and he said her kidneys are functioning fine! Praise! Praise! Praise!

Kim was in the Emergency Room again yesterday evening, she collapsed from exhaustion. She hasn't been getting all the nutrition she has needed because the manufacturer of the feeding tube parts did away with the type of connector that was needed for Kim to get her entire 12 hours of feedings. She finally received an adapter in the mail yesterday so she should start getting her full feedings again. She is so stressed by her family life that I get exhausted just hearing about it!

Well, I was suppose to visit with my friends today and have lunch and a rest by the pool but that didn't happen for me. I'm afraid my back started acting up yesterday afternoon and I haven't been able to sit or walk normally since then. It's almost 8 PM and I'm just now checking my email; I've been in the bed for almost 24 hours.

Got some news today from IMP! The designer corner is slated to go public on July 19th! I'm really excited to see if their creative department liked the submitted designs I did and if anyone wants to actually purchase an album of my design! I need to continue to work on making more albums but I also need to work on my friend Libby's family albums. I promised to digitize her photos and make DVD's for her children and her and her husband. She has been so forgiving of my inability to work on her stuff for the past couple of months; she's a great friend.

Okay, so that's all the news I have for today. Thanks for visiting!



M.Kate said...

Good to hear some positive news about Kim, much love to both of you...take care always..

rose said...

oh great hearing some good news for Kim and hope she does fine ,Oh liv that back of yours hope it eases up today for you ,no fun been layed up. Oh cannot wait to see your album release

Kara Ward said...

Reason to celebrate....
Happy 4th...Kara

Vicki C said...

Hoping this really helps Kim!!
AND... hoping your back gets better. Thats the last thing you need to have to deal with.
I'm so proud of you.. and your designs. Enjoy your new endevour!