Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Closer!

The grand reveal of the photo site is coming along rapidly now! They have the actual site on hold until all is ready to be revealed. I'm terribly excited about all of this since this will be my 'Design Debut' as an independent designer. First time my work will be seen outside of my blog or the downloads I have offered. I've put in some long hours but the folks at Hoorray have been very supportive of my efforts and have encouraged me to 'spread my designing wings.'

Hoorray has also been good for me to immerse myself in to escape the unbelievable stress that is put on Kimberli every day. She is so pitiful today; her father has hurt her feelings soooo bad. She hasn't gone into great detail with him but she has let him know that her time on earth is almost over; he has not reacted as you would expect or as she wanted. I've tried to ease her mind about this but it's really between them; men just don't 'get it' like women do. We want more attention and to talk about what is coming, not less! I guess it's that old male thing of: 'if we have to discuss it that means you want me to fix it' and this time he can't. I so want to put my arms around her and hold on tight so she cannot go anywhere without me. But not only can I not do this in therory but because of the tenderness and pain of the feeding tube sight, I can't hug her at all. ;( I wish she was down here living with me but I know that she needs to be with her husband.

Keep Kim in your prayers, please. She needs a lot of mental strength to accept the coming months.


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Kara Ward said...

You are so just don't always get it! Or they lack the words to express what they feel until it is too late.

Congrats on your web design....I can't wait to see it all. I know how hard you have worked and I know how talented you are!!!!!

Cheering you on!