Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hey Y'all,

Well, Kim had the CAT scan and we are suppose to get the results on Monday or Tuesday. In the mean time, the feeding tube site has become infected and she's been put on antibiotics. They took a culture to see if the infection is Mercer (please NO) and we will probably get those results on Monday because the lab was closed Friday. I've just been praying that it's not Mercer because she would need to be hospitalized immediately if it is.

Thanks to all of you who try and keep up with what's happening with Kim and for all the prayers, comments, and emails.

We actually went out to lunch on Thursday! Kim has been wanting to go to Red Lobster so my friend Ginni, her daughter (Kimber), Joshua, my Kim, and me went. We enjoyed the company as much as the food and Kim didn't throw up! WooHoo! She was really surprised that she didn't get sick.

Kim's birthday is the 15th of this month and will be her big 40! I am so glad she made it . . . I've been so worried that we wouldn't see it together. Kim wants to have a real birthday party with friends and family so we are going to try our best to make sure she gets one.

Here's a photo of us when she was 3 months old!

Hoorray is up in Beta and there are five designers represented this week. Mine isn't up yet but they promise to put up 5 designers a week until they are all done. For the present they are just showing one album per designer because of all the programming it takes for each album. Keep checking back with me because we are going to be able to offer rewards, discounts, and prizes on our blogs! So far I have made a 'Baby's 1st Year' album and a 'Our Family Heritage' album; I'm working on a 'Beach Frames' album. The little babies I designed are so cute if I do say so myself! They were actually taken from my memory of some my mother embroidered on some baby linens for me when I was an infant. The heritage album includes some old pieces that I found when going through my Dad's stuff. Well, just hope you like them when you see them.

Hope everyone is having a great family weekend; school starts soon so love on those 'young'uns!'



M.Kate said...

Beautiful photo Liv, I love it. I will keep Kim in my prayers always. hugs/M

Kara Ward said...

I will keep hoping for Kim. She has fought so hard! She is such a strong person! We are close in age...I am a few months older! You are a good Momma to her, she is lucky to always have you in her corner.

rose said...

oh Liv praying and fingers crossed all it okay for kim. Oh lots for you to do and arrange the 40th birthday party!!
love the photo so precious and whoo girl glad about, told you my feelings and how your work was so good!

Marina Capano said...

Hi Liv! long time!Beautiful photo!!!I will keep Kim in my prayers!

bless your home, you and yours with love, healt, laughter...for ever

hugs for Kim in your 40th birthday party!!!