Monday, August 31, 2009

The Latest Word . . .

Hey Y'all,

The latest word on the promotion on the Designer Line is it begins on September 2 and runs through September 30! WooHoo! That's a lot longer than I had anticipated and the discount is larger too; it will consist of FREE SHIPPING! I love free shipping. It makes the difference on whether I buy or not every time I go shopping online. The discount link from here to there should be ready for 12:00am on 9/2. So get prepared to shop and scrap up at with the Designer Line. You will be doing us both a favor, i.e., you'll get a great keepsake and I will make a little commission and possibly keep my position as designer with them. I don't want to be let go before I actually get in the hang of this designing thing! (I'm beginning a new album tonight, I'm thinking wedding, anniversary maybe even a little Halloween thrown in at some point!

Kim is feeling better today . . . she's pushing herself again in trying to be useful to the family. Her headache has not subsided one bit from before the surgery! I get so worried, I know that I get on her nerves, but I so want her to take care of herself.

Hope all is well with all of my friends and family. Stay close.


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Vicki C said...

You tell her.. I would be just the same! Once a "mom" ..always a "mom". lol
Hugs to you my friend. I miss ya!