Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey Y'All!

Well, just when things were looking a little calmer for my Kim, up pops the sinus surgery she has to have. It's tomorrow morning. I want to ask you: If you have surgery to remove the scar tissue from the previous surgery that's now blocking your sinuses, will you have to continue to remove the scar tissue every time you remove the scar tissue? A conundrum for sure!

Okay, little Miss Daisy May granpuppychild is finally growing and she just might turn out to be of a good size. She peed my carpet the other night so I guess I'm accepted now! LOL! Here are some photos from a couple of weeks ago. She's twice that size now! Still adorable.

Kim and Daisy May

Joshua and Daisy May

Aren't we lucky here!? Our children went back to school today but they have another two weeks in the United Kingdom! My friend Rose is about to pull out her hair! LOL! Hang in there friends!

Well, I heard from Hoorray about some 'reader offers' promotions that we are going to get! Goody, goody. Their Designer Line is going to be 25% off and free shipping for our first reader promotion! It should go into effect on Friday so check back with me then. I'm going to make myself a couple of books; one to give to Kim and one for me ;)

Here is a photo of Kim's birthday cake that the lady who made it took. It was actually lovely in person and tasted even better!

Please send happy thoughts to Kim for her surgery tomorrow!


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