Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things Just Don't Come Easy . . . huh?

Kimberli had her sinus surgery Wednesday morning and here it is Saturday night and she still hasn't been able to sit up or have any solid food. The headaches have abated somewhat according to her and she has finally stopped vomiting. When you are sick already and have to have surgery for anything, it is much worse than it should be. She is getting tube feedings and tube hydration so that cuts down on the vomiting, thank the Lord. Thanks to all who kept her in their prayers for the surgery!

I'd like to thank all you folks who sent Kimberli birthday cards again. They are stacked up on the room divider so they are visible to all who enter, you guys did me proud!

About Hoorray: postponed the discounts for my readers that was suppose to go into effect yesterday. I'm so sorry but I have no idea when everything is going to come to fruition! I'll certainly keep you posted though. I can upload some of the album pages that I have done so you can get a better look at them. Mind you, they are going to have that big copyright on them but you can still get a good look. I'll work on that tonight.

I've installed a new Firefox gadget within the body of my posts; it will give you options to look up words or Google anything that I might talk about. Pretty neat, just highlight the word you are interested in.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

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