Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Y'all,
Long time, no post! Sorry about that but I have been busy helping to get my Kim settled in her new apartment. I haven't moved in so long that I didn't remember what a hassle it can be! It really is a nice apartment though with loads of young boys that little Joshua can 'hang out' with and has a playground that Kim can see from her windows. BB the cat isn't very happy about the move; he stays in a closet behind the hot water heater! He will be fine once we get everything in it's place and things settle down to a normal everyday pace. We are decorating the living room in black, white, and yellow! So pretty with the wrought iron decor I found at Hobby Lobby. When we get it all finished I will take some photos before the 'little man' can mess it all up again. His room is going to be a sports theme of course and Kim wants her bedroom to be more girlish and frilly! I can't wait to see what she comes up with for it; she loves the navy, yellow, and white color combo. They are staying more than warm and toasty since they are on the second floor-I just start stripping off clothes after being there five minutes. LOL! I went up today to carry the tablecloth and topper I made for the living room. While Kim was making a really yummy fish, potatoes, and butter beans lunch for us, Joshua and I played Scrabble. It was a nice treat for me and Kim seemed to enjoy cooking for us. She is having a lot of pain with the tube site in her abdomen but she doesn't want to take the pain meds because they just put her to sleep. After lunch we went to cruise Target. As the mother of two girls I always thought that they were jabber mouths but I had never experienced a child like Joshua! He talks, talks, and talks some more and if he isn't talking he's making car sounds or singing! My ears need a rest after a few hours with him!

I hope to start back making some digital elements and kits pretty soon.

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have a happy, delicious, and loving one.


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