Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh December!

Hey Y'All,

Thought December was going to be a better month but Kim's feeding tube sight has become infected again and she had to be hospitalized last night. She had been on antibiotics since last Friday but they weren't working so they are double whammying her system with another type through an IV. Her sugar levels have been too high to register on the hospital's glucose meter and they will probably move her into the CCU tonight. She is keeping a good outlook (as usual) on life and trying to be positive about her healthcare. I don't know how she does it.

I have been doing little odds and ends for her new apartment, like a decorated lampshade; toss pillow covers; placemats, kitchen curtains, tablecloth and cover. After all my years at the sewing machine I had my first mishap: I stitched into my finger. Ouch! It is still very, very sore. That's what I get for trying to finish up the placemats too fast. We still need to do the bedrooms but the Living Room and Kitchen are almost finished. We are carrying sunshine yellow throughout, for continuity, and using black/white in the living room, navy/white in the kitchen, pastel blue/white in the master bedroom and bath, and primary colors in Joshua's room.

I'm off to fix some supper. Hope all is well for all of you!


PS: I started working on a Christmas Brag Book and when I get some of it finished I will begin to post the links.

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