Monday, February 7, 2011

Kim/Liv Update

Hey Y’All,

We are all home again.  It has been a very rough week, especially for Kim, but things are getting better.  We went to church yesterday morning to see Joshua Baptized, a very joyful and moving experience.  Today was the first day I was able to have a regular morning; relaxing with a delicious cup of Constant Comment Tea and returning phone call messages from last week.  [I did get some more bad news but that’s a whole different story and one I am not ready to talk about yet.]

As far as the success of the surgery for Kim went:  we don’t know!  The head of her surgical team says we won’t know until all the swelling goes down, about 3 weeks from now, to see if she can eat regular foods.  She is still on a full liquid diet for the time being.  While in hospital we had a very big scare, Kim stopped breathing and turned blue!  It was the day after surgery and she and I were dozing after a sleepless night and Kim must have made some kind of sound that stirred me and when I looked over at her, her lips were dark blue and her face was blue tinted!  I jumped up and did the knuckle rub on her chest and shaking her to get a response; I connected her to the oxygen feed and she started moving and regaining her color.  I had punched the button for the nurse but didn’t get the response I was hoping for so I ran down the hall to get one.  When a bunch of them came down to the room, Kim was still a little blue but obviously breathing again.  She never said a thing for the next three hours and the care givers didn’t even do a vitals check!  I insisted they put her back on the oxygen and respiration monitor so that I could keep an eye on her vitals myself.  Later in the evening Kim told me she remembered everyone standing around her but not much else.  As a mother watching over her child after surgery I can tell you that after that incident I wasn’t able to settle down and rest until last night.  I never want to go through anything like that again and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Kim seems much better today, though still very sore, and we are able to breathe a little easier now.

When I got home from the hospital, I was all ready to take a long hot shower and relax only to find that the water heater had busted during the night, flooding the garage, and generally wrecking havoc with my home and my plans. Over $700 and 24 hours later I was able to take that long needed shower!  The roof was replaced last week, the water heater just a few days later, what next? LOL  ‘When it rains, it pours!’

Here’s hoping you all have had a much better week than I!


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