Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We are here

 Well, here I am sitting in the waiting area at Wake-Forrest University Hospital.  Kim was just called to go back to the  surgical area; she is understandably scared.  Me too.  I need to let it go and let God do my worrying for me-how many times do I have to remind myself of that.  I just keep hanging on to it.  We are both already tired; neither of us got any sleep last night.  I arrived at her place around 5:30am and we left around 6:15. Ron, Kim's boyfriend, and a couple of their friends came up with us.  I don't like to talk in the mornings (a silly quirk) and especially to people I don't know.  I want to be left alone with my worries, for now.  I'm sure I will be grateful for the company later in the day.  I am trying hard to not be ill tempered.

Had to go back and give her hugs and kisses prior to the anesthesia.  She was crying and shaking as she was wheeled into the operating room. I'll say this much: they keep to their schedules here! Now the wait.

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