Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Open!

Hello everyone!

Well, my shop has finally opened even if there is only one product in it! The reveal of the shop:

Southern Comfort Scraps

My one and only product is some doodles and brushes.  Yes, I have been working on stuff but you would not believe how complicated and mind numbing it is to learn a whole bunch of new things at one time as in Zen Carts, ftp upload sites, preview loading, description, and attribute links. Whew!  Can't say I did a good job on putting this little product in my shop; it ended up that the shop owner (kudos to Echo) fixed my Zen Cart for me. Duh  . . . can you say dunce?

Anyway, the doodles are clean and large and can be used in many different ways; I colored one and included it in the download.  It is really simple to color them.  Jut put a layer Under the doodle (Cntrl and click on the new layer icon and a new layer goes under your current layer) and color on this layer with your brush, simple!  You can also use a clipping mask above a doodle and use color or designs (papers) for clipping and also styles work beautifully.  Another option is to use the brushes in your color of choice using the color picker and even coloring these after stamping.  You can set the brush attributes so that you can get random sizes, random amounts, and directions or even dual brush attributes; have fun and experiment!

Please drop by my shop HERE and have a look.  I am planning on having a lot of kits and elements in there soon.  Don't forget that I will need a Creative Team so if you would like to get my products free by joining me send me an email to me at: countryliv at yahoo!

Hugs and thanks for being here!


Vicki C said...

Very Cool Liv!!

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