Monday, March 5, 2012

Just to say hello . . .

Hey Y'all,

Thought I'd stop in a pass a few minutes with you before I have to get back to work. I've been doing the newsletter for our store and though I am definitely enjoying it, it does take up a lot of time.  It's not your ordinary newsletter either. I have a designer interview every week, a graphic/scrapbooking tip or tutorial, and a freebie every week.  In fact, this week's newsletter has several freebies! The featured designer is Lynne of Baby Cakes Scraps and she gave away a darling set of Jelly Birds. One of our new designers, Sandra of S. G. Rowe Designs, has made a complete 20 page Easter brag book that she gave us to give out in these 5 weeks before Easter so it means 2 Freebies (or 4 pages) each week. I worked on the newsletter until 11 am this morning and my eyes have been burning all evening because I think I need to take a rest! LOL! I didn't want to stop working because everything was progressing so easily, so I stayed up until it was done. If you are interested in receiving a newsletter each week with goodies, info, and sales, sign up on the form on the top right now. If you sign up and would like to get this week's freebies so you can have the whole set, leave me a comment with your first name and zip code, and I will see about finding you in the list and sending you this week's Southern Comfort Scraps newsletter that went out at 12:30am today.

I was able to put one new product in the shop this week. It is a set of 48 stacked polka dot and craft papers. I really love how these turned out and will be using some in my own scrapbooking.

You can print them out to so you can use them in hybrid projects, a la Vicki Chrisman! Have you seen the ones she did this weekend? I love the magazine holder and file folders she altered with Fancy Pants printed papers.

I think I'd better skip working tonight and just go to bed. I'm way too old to be pulling all nighters!

Take care!

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Vicki C said...

You are a busy busy girl arent you? Im trying to get re-grouped and swing by an visit my blog friends. Love your designs Liv. You have no idea how much I cherish that layout you did of mom and I. OH MY... I cherish it so!