Thursday, March 1, 2012

March is Here!

Hey Y'all!

Well another month has passed . . . they seem to keep doing that, hmm. Actually I think the thought came from my brain with the realization that time does indeed fly by faster and faster, the older you get. Perhaps this has something to do with the older you get the closer you are to the end? Ugh! Don't like to think about the end of anything other than poverty, illiteracy, homelessness, abuse of any kind, war, and  . . . Oh My Goodness! Forget I ever started that train of thought!

I have been putting in some time with the store lately (Southern Comfort Scraps) and am happy to say that I am reaping the benefits.  I took over the store newsletter and really enjoy being an editor! I have been making it like all the things that I look for in newsletters. If you are interested please go to the store and register as a customer and the software will ask if you would like the newsletter. I put a freebie in every single one (the designers probably think I am a bossy so and so since I told them we HAD to have freebies in every one) and a tutorial or design tip. I probably should have said I would do it monthly at first but, you know me, in for a penny, in for a pound!

Haven't spent much time designing for myself lately, mostly just the store's Designer's Challenges. Just yesterday I started a Layout of the Month Challenge in our forum using my 'A Lady's Boudoir' kit. I already have two people signed up and it hasn't even begun yet!  If you are interested in $3 off the price of A Lady's Boudoir, go to the forum and my challenge and leave me a comment in the thread! You will get a $5.50 kit for only $2.50 which is more than half off and all you have to do is make a layout with the kit for yourself! There are other challenges going on too, I have another one that I should be working on right about now but I wanted to do a little blogging first. In case you forgot what A Lady's Boudoir looks like, here is the preview:

The new SCS Designer's Challenge Kit for March begins today. There are only four designers represented but it really turns out to be a nice sized kit. If you are interested in getting it for free, just spend $5 anywhere in the store and add it to your cart along with the free coupon code and wham! There you go, a nice kit for just spending a couple of bucks on the things you love. Oh, here is the preview that Echo did for the store:

My Part of the Challenge
My friend Jenn of Sugarbutt Designs is part of the new Blog Train put on by the Blog Train Blog.  I checked it out and it has a lot of super designers contributing. Drop by Jenn's blog and pick up the train there; she always has awesome gifts and tutorials and such and her contribution to the Blog Train is some fantastic commercial use items!:

In other news, closer to home, my friend Jan got some great news last Tuesday! The tumors had shrunk! We have been so happy about this because all the other chemo and radiation didn't work but this new Bomb Chemo really zapped those tumors.  Jan had decided if there was no change on the MRI after the chemo this time she was going to ask for hospice to come in and take over her care. I cannot imagine what she feels like making a decision like that.

My children have both been doing pretty good lately too. My great grandson, Gavin, is growing like a southern boy on grits and chicken will! My grandchildren have all been busy with school and/or work (or boyfriends and/or school for Ms. Tabitha!)

Well, I hope y'all didn't forget me while I was gone. I try to keep up and answer emails and such but sometimes everything goes too fast for my old brain. So . . . if I neglected to answer you please give me another chance and remind me, okay?



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