Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Short Post!

Hello Blog friends!

Wanted to leave you a quick note to say I am sorry to not have been in touch for a while; you know how bad I am about this at the end of the month! I am always trying to ‘catch up’ by hurrying up but end up taking more time than I would have if I took the time in the first place.

I have finished the Retro Summer Add-On since I last posted and Chris has used it to make a layout. I want to make one too, but it will have to wait until I get everything taken care of in the new shop at Bella Gypsy Scraps. We were suppose to open yesterday but it seems like everyone involved had a bad September and didn’t get their stuff up either; looks like it might be Halloween before the grand opening! Here is Chris’ pretty layout:

Here is the preview of the Retro Add-On and it is available in all my stores (listed and linked on your right).

I was trying to make you a free paper template group when Photoshop crashed on me so it will have to wait a little while. Sorry.

I am passed due to send out a newsletter so look for one really soon which will have a freebie too.

I will leave you with the promise to come back with the freebie ASAP and if PhotoShop cooperates!

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