Friday, October 19, 2012

Some October Freebies

Hello Friends!

All ready for the biggest candy holiday of them all? Halloween will be here in 13 days! I’m sure you have grabbed all the freebies that abound at this time of the year just for celebrating and documenting Halloween. Those of us who live in the states forget that everyone doesn’t celebrate the same holidays that we do. I have some friends in Australia and they celebrate Halloween but my friends in the United Kingdom don’t. It is a fun holiday for little kiddies but a lot of us adults hate to see it come around every year. It’s not the children’s faults that Halloween is now synonymous with vandalism and greed, but the parents of all those teens and adults that didn’t curb bad behavior in their children. Because it got so bad in our little town, I’d say at least half of the homes turn out the lights and batten down the hatches and do not participate in giving out the candy and fun. Such a shame; I loved Halloween when I was little.

Been a little slow around the digital scrapping world this past couple of days and I guess this is the lull before the storm that will hit on November 1 when all the digital shops will start touting their Christmas products. I was hoping to be a part of a blog train but didn’t find one to sign up for; therefore I think I will put out a mini kit or element package on my own. So be sure and check with me during the month of November for my contribution to your holiday digital scrapbooking stash! For those of you who are new to my blog, you should go back through my posts and grab the freebies you have missed this past six months, all the links are still valid. While you are here you might sign up for my newsletter too as I give away a nice freebie with each letter that goes out! Oh, and go to my FaceBook Fan Page and ‘like’ me for another little freebie!

Speaking of newsletter freebies, this is what subscribers got when they opened this week’s little newsletter:

Today, I have a little gift for my blog followers! I made a Thanksgiving wordart that I thought would be very classy as the title to your Thanksgiving Day layout. For my other friends who don’t celebrate it down-under and around the world, I made a frame cluster.  Hope you all can use these freebies!

 You can download today’s Thanksgiving freebie at 4SharedHERE or MediaFire HERE!

You can download today’s Down-Under freebie at 4Shared HERE or MediaFire HERE!

I need to go and think about what I will make for a Christmas freebie so y’all stay warm, or cool as the case may be, and come back often as I love to have visitors!



Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely gift!

Chris Allport said...


I just love the Christmas Journal cards, so cute.

Thank you so much.

Luv Chris

Hummerdawn said...

Thanks for the journaling tags. Congrats to becoming a power house in the digi world! I always post your newsletter to my Pinterest board!
And thanks for all the freebies.