Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Everyone!

How are you this week? Keeping busy? Working on your scrapbooking? Better get cracking as you will soon have to start on those Christmas photobooks, greeting cards, and family portraits! Since we are on the subject of holidays, this week's Sunday gift is Halloween themed. Halloween isn't a favorite holiday but I do love the scrapbooking elements!

Since tomorrow is the first Monday in October, I will be announcing this month's winner of the Loyalty Lottery in my newsletter! Our last winner jumped on her email addy really quickly and chose one of my favorite kits for her prize, A Lady's Boudoir! Make sure you have registered and if you have and have not been receiving my weekly newsletter it is because you forgot to confirm your subscription or you gave us the wrong address! Be sure and check! The newsletter gift this week is also Halloween themed.

Well along with the weather cooling down the leaves are turning too! Just beautiful this time of year in the United States! Remember the cooler weather means you need to protect your pets from the cold, don't forget to put out seed for the songbirds, and suet for the woodpeckers.

Here is this week's blog gift. Just click on the link below the preview to download!

Don't forget we have the Berry Applicious Blog Train on the fourteenth! Come back soon.

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