Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Blogger Gift Time!

Hello friends and fans! First let me say that if you are looking for the blog trains, check out the post prior to this one!

I feel safer this week even if I am somewhat poorer! My almost son-in-law installed a new front door package for me on Friday that has been needing to be replaced for a very long time! My daughter picked it out and ordered it for me and Ron and a friend put it in, all I had to do was pay for it! The old door was so rotted that if someone wanted to get in all they had to do was give it a good shove and . . .

I have been working on items for the specialty categories at Digi Style Designs, Heartfelt Perfections, and Berry Applicious. The make your own kit categories have pieces and parts you can pick and choose from at lower than normal prices, you should check them out if you haven't before.  I am currently working on the HFP ones and I have posted these finished ones at DSD:

There is a free quickpage on my FaceBook Fan Page! Chris made it from my old kit Softly Spoken and an element from my 'in progress' kit Sweets. Drop by the page and get one!

That time of week again; I have a new blog gift for you. Going with the current Halloween theme, I have made you a card/package topper or you can use it for layouts. Hope you like this gift; just click on the link under the preview to download.

This week's newsletter gift is two more of these Halloween treats:

Enjoy your gifts and come back soon for more!

Remember to spay and neuter your pets to keep them safe!


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SherryD said...

Wow Liv, your autumn products turned out beautifully! Love the cute little Halloween gift too.