Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25 Blog Gift

Hello everyone. Hope you have had a nice week and are in the midst of a wonderful fun filled weekend. Minnie had four good days this week and I am so pleased. It is hard to see this little one suffer so much. My daughter told me that a friend of hers has a small dog and it has the same symptoms as Minnie and the vet doesn't know what is wrong with her baby either. I am watching Minnie like a hawk, and if anything gives me any more indication of what is wrong you can bet I will be camped out on the doctor's doorstep for treatment!

I made you some washi tapes from the Mother's Day Papers at DSD's Create A Kit category this month. I like how they turned out as I made some areas with a little transparency as real washi tapes sometimes are made.  I hope you like these and be sure and check Monday's newsletter because I am giving away some more coordinating tapes.  To get your tapes just click the download link under the preview.

I hope to post a bit during the coming week :) Thanks for coming by.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. These are awesome