Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello friends and fans! What an Internet flip-flop week I have had. On the days when I was without power because of the storms, I could deal with not having the Internet. On the days when I had power, I was going crazy trying to make contact with the outside world because my browsers stopped working with my PC! Yes! Browsers, plural. Couldn't get Firefox, my default, up then went to Internet Explorer to download newer versions of Chrome and Firefox but IE wasn't working correctly. Finally was able to get Chrome and used it to fix Firefox. I felt like I was going in circles down a drain! All seems to be okay for now, just keeping my fingers crossed that the fixes will hold.

Minnie did pretty good this week, only 1 and a half days down with her stomach. My daughter's friend had to have her Lhasa Apso euthanized for the same symptoms Minnie has, that turned out to be pancreatitis.  I have just been wondering why they couldn't treat it as we humans get this disease all the time and it is treatable; but I do know it can be so severe that quality of life is terrible. I am thinking Minnie might hold her water and bowels, then not eat or drink when she is experiencing pain. I am also thinking that my actions might be the reason she has been so sick. I have been giving her probiotics and didn't think I should give her the same dosage as a 50 pound dog, so I halved the amount.  Perhaps it gave her stomach cramps and she just reacts differently than any other dog or human might? I tried out my theory by not giving her any enzymes or probiotics and she was fine but the day after I added the probiotics back into her diet she went into another spell. I am taking her off them for the next few days then trying again with a larger dose and praying that it will fix this seesaw illness she has been having.

I didn't design anything new this week so there is nothing to share with you, I haven't been well but I'll get over it soon.

Okay, now that I have bored you to tears with my life, I will get on to the good stuff. It's the first of the month and then means with today's gift and tomorrow's newsletter gift you will be receiving the next installment of my 2014 calendar. Today you get September and tomorrow you get October's calendar. Just click on the link below the preview to get your copy.

This is the newsletter gift for tomorrow:

Thanks for coming by! See you next week.

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