Friday, February 15, 2008

Quick Page

I have never used a quick page but I happened upon this one this morning and I couldn't resist! Isn't it beautiful? It is by a very young lady (23) who lives in Germany and her blog is:

Other additions to the QP: Alpha by Ellie Lash, Love Actually Kit(alt); Bow by D L Patterson, 3 Scrapateers(alt), and font by MSWord.

This is my youngest grand daughter Tabitha when she was just turning five with her Great, Grand Aunt Agnes in 1999. Aunt Agnes isn't with us anymore but she was well loved and is really missed. She was my Grandmother's sister and she outlived all of her siblings by many many years. She was a great cook and she use to cook lunch for my father at least once a week right on up until a month before she passed away. She was truly a grand lady.

Some sad news today. We found out that my daughter's long time feline companion, Murphy, has cancer. He is seventeen years old and a real sweetheart (at least to me). He has put up with more stuff than a cat ought to, i.e.: several dogs have come into and out of his life as well as other cats, birds, hermit crabs, and a couple of
"daddy's" and children. The veterinarian says he's not in any pain and is going to make him comfortable by giving him IV fluids for a few days, on an outpatient basis. Murphy once attached a dog that he thought was going to harm me! Scared that dog silly! We still talk about that day. Here is a picture of the "old man" last April.

Here is one of him in September, 1998 when he and his mom were living with me:

We know he doesn't have much time left and we want that time to be pain free and happy, he deserves no less. My family really loves their animal companions and it tears us up to lose one. My cats and Kim's live very long lives, my CC was 19 when she passed!

Need to start my supper.


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