Sunday, February 17, 2008

Uncle Wilber

Sad news for our family. My Uncle Wilber has passed away. He was 85 years old and would have celebrated his 65th wedding anniversary the day after his death! That is so awesome! Way to go Aunt Peck! Maybe you should give lessons on how to keep a man happy! We have always been proud of him and his many, many accomplishments. One of the major milepost in his life was his appointment in 1968 as The Sergeant Major of the Army. He was the second Sergeant Major to hold this post and did much for his fellow soldiers in this capacity. Even after retiring, Uncle Wilber continued to be an adviser to the Army and the office of the Presidency. His passing is felt by thousands of dedicated soldiers around the world and they have come forward with messages of sympathy and loss to the immediate family. I add my own "Bravo!" to a life well lived; if only we all could give as much of ourselves and as freely as he did.

Here is an old photo of him that was taken back in 1944 when he was a young paratrooper out of Ft. Benning, Georgia:

This is his photo that was released to the press when he was appointed SMA in 1968:

We had lots of good times that will be with me forever. He was always warm and loving to all of his family which isn't a normal characteristic in my family, I'm sorry to say. He kept close contact with my father even after Dad no longer remembered the rest of his family. My dad will be 89 in June!

Well, just wanted to share that with you. And as my grand daughter Suzy would say: "Peace Out!"


Anonymous said...

Who are you? I'm Wilbur's niece in Richmond. Found this article thru Google. I'm Tricia Dunaway, Chuck's daughter.

Vicki C said...

Your uncle sounds like someone we could all learn from. I'm sure he will be greatly missed.Hugs to you and your family Liv!

Country Liv . . . said...

For Anon: Grandma spelled his name with an E not U. I changed the spelling of Sargent to Sergeant to make you happy but both are acceptable in the English language. You seem somewhat "put out" that I would speak of my Uncle.

Anonymous said...

The funeral for SMA (Ret) George W Dunaway will be held on Wednesday, March 19, 2008. The chapel service will be held at the Old Post Chapel at Ft Myer, VA beginning promptly at 9:00 AM. Grave side services will immediately follow at Arlington National Cemetery.

A funeral procession will proceed from the chapel to the grave site. You may walk or drive to the grave site. The walk is approximately 20 minutes due to the rate of march of the Caissons.

The family invites all relatives, friends & guests to a reception immediately following the grave side service at Spates Hall Community Club (214 McNair Rd), Ft Myer, VA. A breakfast buffet and refreshments will be available. Please come and join our family in celebration of the life of George W Dunaway.

If driving to Ft Myer, you need to allow 15-20 minutes to pass through security at the gate.
You need to have the following to access Ft Myer:
Picture ID - all occupants (Driver's License acceptable)
Vehicle Registration (rental car contract is acceptable)
Proof of Vehicle Insurance

Please ask for a map at the gate to the Old Post Chapel and Spates Hall Community Club or see the map below.

Attached are driving directions to Ft Myer, VA.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or you can call my cell phone 940-704-4521.

I look forward to seeing you at Ft Myer.

George R Dunaway