Monday, June 2, 2008


Hey y'all! The power of prayer is awesome! After five days of thinking the very worst because of Ultra Sounds, Xrays, Blood Work, and EKGs that all came back positive for a heart attack you will not believe what has happened! Kim was sent home tonight without any meds or instructions on how to cope with the heart attack! They (?) said there is now no sign of an attack. Can you believe this?! I must admit that my first reaction is to think they used the wrong drugs to perform the stress tests, but I have to believe that God fixed Kim's heart. There just cannot be any other explanation. I will not succumb to negative thinking.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers! I guess you've figured out how happy I am by now! Let's all get back to our normal pace.

Love you all!


rose said...

oh Liv
Thank the lord all has worked out just fine.It has been a very worrying time for you all
fingers crossed all is now fixed

M.KATE said...

Thank God everything is good now. Your daughter needs lots of rest and no stress for a few weeks.

You've got excellent scrap pages, are this digital work? I went on this scrapbooking craze a couple of months ago, but have stopped now. Materials here are super expensive as they are all imported from the US and limited too!! Have trying to figure out how to do digital scraping for some time, not successful yet.

My friend, can I send you a postcard if you dont mind, i've got close to 30 addresses with me and like to send one to everyone whenever I travel, good to keep in touch via snail-mail at times. If its ok with you, kindly send your add to my email at my blog.

Hugs from Malaysia :)

Donna Lynn said...

I prayed with you for a normal heart and a miracle! Thank the Lord he did above and beyond what we had hoped!I will continue to pray for you both...


Marina Capano said...

Liv!!!! I am very happy for Kim is better! hugs and kiss for you and Kim :) take care!