Friday, June 27, 2008

Hi Friends!

Hello, Y'all!
Boy, I have missed checking up on my blogging friends and sharing the dailies with y'all. I really don't have too much ready to share just yet except that Kimberli is doing much better and my Dad's 89th birthday is tomorrow!
Just before I left for Virginia, to check on Dad, Kimberli told me she had 3 boxes of 'stuff' she wanted me to take. Those three boxes are stuffed with family memories from my Mom and Dad! I've started going through them and am sad to say that some of the photos cannot be saved-Dad put them in those 'sticky' albums with the acetate sheets over the photos. What a true mess! If it wasn't for scrapbooking, I wouldn't have known what caused the problem and might have left everything in those albums from hell. I have some spray on neutralizer that I'm going to use on what's left as soon as I get caught up around here. Here are a couple of priceless photos I want to share; the first one is my Dad's brother, aunt, and sister coming back from the fields in a tobacco sled around 1936!
Don't you just love the hats and how nonchalant the girls look at having a ride in the sled? I wonder if they worked the tobacco looking so cute? I did some tobacco working when I was young, and I can assure you that I never looked like that when the day was done!

The next one is my Grandmother as a young lady, shoes in hand, and her sister-in-law strolling back from somewhere on the farm in Dinwiddie, Virginia.

I can hardly contain my excitement going through these boxes. I hope to finish the task and begin to document all these treasures by scanning into my computer for safe keeping. One day I hope to do a 'Heritage Album' with all of these wonderful shots. Isn't it amazing that someone thought to document the workings of the farm with film back in the 1930's? My cousins, Kent and Deanie, have been sharing their photos with me too and Deanie is working on a family tree with photos! Can't wait to see the finished love tribute.

Well, that's all the time I have for sharing today, friends. I hope to be back soon with something else to offer all you loyal friends.

Take very good care of yourselves!


PS: I haven't forgotten about the 8th Grade dance photos, I just haven't had the time to prepare them for posting.


Deb S. said...

Hey Liv~I love all the old time photos! They are priceless aren't they? My gram was an avid photographer back in her day and took some great photos of my dad and his siblings too. I'll have to share them sometime after I'm done bein a bad blogger! Yek it has been over a week since I blogged!Terrible,no excuse either...hmm anyway, goin to see my sweet pea tomorrow so maybe that will perk me up a bit! ;) Have a great weekend my friend. Glad your back on the "cicuit"!:) Hugs,Deb

rose said...

Hi Liv
Great to see you back,oh what priceless photos`s and documentation you have here,I can now
see you trying to restore these photos, it can be done!! one took me over 2 weeks to do!!!
thanks for comments on my blog,I just love the header and I will be sharing more work soon. Iam just finishing Vicki C`s cardstock challenge with the Craft secrets. I knew when I opened it what I wanted to do,so went for it straight away lol!! so Iam well in front here for once
Take care my friend and we will catch up soon -Rose

Vicki C said...

I LOVE those photos!!! I just love old photos.. they just hold so much information...if they could just talk. I look at them and think.. how I wish I could snap my fingers and just go to the "moment" when the photo was taken. Just for a minute..cause I am certainly not tough enought to have lived in those times. lol It would just be so interesting to talk with them and see what their lives were like back then. What just one day from morning till night consisted of. Oh.. makes my mind wonder. ( oh yeah.. my mind "wonders" most of the time anyway)lol

Donna Lynn said...

Dear Liv,
So happy to hear that Kim is doing better! Happy birthday to your dad too...glad he is settled into a nursing home, hope your trip was good and you got everything squared around like you had planned!
The pictures are just darling, it is so sad what those awful albums did to the pictures, hope you can save them!

Donna Lynn said...

Have a great, happy and safe 4th dear Liv!

Marina Capano said...

Hi liv!! how are you! and kim? I hope fine! nice post

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Marina Capano said...

Liv!!!I have two award for you in my blog!
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