Saturday, July 5, 2008


Hello, friends. I haven't wanted to talk about this but there have been so many inquiries that I feel I have to. Kim has been back in the hospital again. This time she spent 5 days in the Critical Care Unit and when she was released, Thursday night, she wasn't much better than when she went in. The doctors do not give us any hope that she will get better. It's Saturday afternoon here and I have been on the phone with her every few hours to check on her progress at home. It has not been good. I still need all the prayers you can give Kim.

I have been playing with my Photoshop program. I needed to get my mind on something else and Photoshop seems like a good place to be. I've been designing a page for a friend of mine and I hope to have it finished soon. I will share it with you if she agrees.

I want to get back to my routine, but it seems like every time I think that will happen something comes along and messes with my life. I am grateful for my life, I just wish Kim could get better and things would slow down some.

Take care friends, I hope to be back soon.



rose said...

oh liv,Iam so so sorry to hear this news, I will be PRAYING for you and the family, it s been such a rough year for you and yes I agree its times like this you need to try and focus on something otherwisw you will go crazy with worrying
Hope to see what you are working on
and Big PRayers for you all
take care my friend

Vicki C said...

Oh.. I have had Kim on my mind SO MUCH. Deb and I were just discussing it today. We are keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers. I totally agree with Rose.. this has just been a really really rough year for you. Hang in there friend .. we are keeping you in our hearts.

Vicki C said...

Thinking bout cha

M.Kate said...

Hi Liv, thanks for dropping by and comment even though you have so much things to attend to. I will pray for Kim and hope that she gets much better. I hope that you'll take it easy too..but I understand how tough it is when someone we love is not well. My prayers are always for both of you.
Lots of love and hugs always