Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sharing the Beauty

Hey Y’all!

Kim has had a good 24 hours! Keep on praying! She was able to spend quality time with Joshua and one of his friends yesterday and when I spoke with her today she was making plans for tonight!

Wanted to share some photos my cousins, Kent and Deanie, in Richmond sent me of their backyard landscaping. I wish you could hear the photos because the fountains tinkle a beautiful melody that sooths the soul and at night the bull frogs and crickets add to the cacophony! They have carp in one pool and turtles in another. It is so peaceful sitting out on their deck, I’ll be glad to go and visit them again. I have some night shots too and will post them soon. Photo is 'clickable' for a close up.

Template: Digital Scrapbook Teacher; Pink Papers: Elka Romero; Blooming Field; SBE; Moss Paper: Traci Sims; Altered State; SBG; Music Sheet: Christina Renee Designs; Vintage Paper Scraps; Alpha Capitals: White by Tina Williams; DSW; Alpha Lowercase: Flergs'; Nana's Secret Garden; SBG; Corner Brush: Cinzia Loosemore; Digital Freebies; Frame: Me; Ivy; Fern; & Sweet Pea: Jen U Designs; Rustic Flowers & Leaves

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



Vicki C said...

Ohhhh... so so happy to hear the good news about Kim! That's so great!
This layout is beautiful and their yard gorgeous! I'm glad I could click and see it bigger.. it's so pretty, and your title is perfect!

rose said...

oh how great Kim is doing fine,great news,oh I could do with my soul soothing sitting here and chilling out
neautiful layout

Deb S. said...

Hey Liv~Wow the lo is gorgeous!Looks vewry tranquil and peaceful..Do they want company??!LOL!
I'm so glad Kim is having some feel good time! She deserves it! And so do you my friend! Take care.

M.Kate said...

Hello Liv, many thanks for the update, glad to hear it :)

This is definitely my favourite scrap pic, love the intensity of the colours, you are one talented bunny :)

love ya and lots of hugs

Marina Capano said...

Hi Liv! I love your great news!! take care!
visit me anytime...