Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey Y'all!

I'm so excited! I finally heard from my Auntie Myrtle (she moved and forgot to send me her new info)! Aunt Myrtle is my Mom's sister-in-law, she was married to Momma's brother Vernon (he passed 15 years ago). Ever since I was born they have lived in Florida so we haven't seen that much of each other over the years but whenever we do it's like we just spoke yesterday! She's a peach . . . a Carolina Peach! Several years back I went to see her at her 'summer' home in Asheville, NC and we had a ball tooling around the town and checking out cemeteries looking for our long lost kin! It was just the two of us and we got along like sisters the entire time! So you can see why I'm excited to have finally heard from her. I want her to visit my blog but she won't go near a computer, so . . . I found out my cousin's email address and sent him the link so he can show it to her when she goes to his house. I know this isn't very interesting to y'all but I'm so happy to have a reason to smile. Here are some photos from the 1950s!

Ray is Aunt Myrtle's son and he is now retired after a distinguished career in the Armed Forces. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my sweet Auntie is 81 years young! I don't think she retired for good until about six years ago. That's me in the bottom right corner of the photo above---even then I was a smarty pants and always cutting up!

On another note: I took the meals I had prepared to Kim and her family this morning. Poor thing, she cannot have solid food now and we aren't positive but think that's what's going to be the norm from now on. She's so skinny that she and her 17 year old cat, Murphy, now look alike. Please don't take her off your prayer lists just yet, okay?

I had lunch out with the 'girls' today. It was really nice to see them and get my mind on something other than Kim's illness. All the people I hang out with are sooo much younger than me; most of them are my daughter's ages! Don't know why they like to include me but I really enjoy them, I always say it's because they can use my senior discount!

Well, enough for now. Take care. Hope to be back soon with good news or at least a mini-kit to offer you.



Vicki C said...

That's great that you heard from your aunt! These photos are SOOO darn fun!

rose said...

oh how wonderful you are back in touch and that your cousin can let her see ytour blog,oh fab photos

praying for kim

Kara Ward said...

I L-O-V-E the photos...they are just wonderful. Timeless. I have Kim in my thoughts every day. You know the old saying HOPE FLOATS. I hope it is all floating to you...Hugs-Kara