Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey Y'all!

Well I do have some good news to impart: Kimberli has not been hospitalized since last Thursday! WooHoo! Yippee! Thank You Jesus! I guess you all thought that things weren't going well since you haven't heard from me in so long. But, NO, things are going great for Kim! I have been 'holding my breath' this last week in anticipation of her staying out and being able to actually DO something with her family. She has been sick with a very tiring virus but it didn't send her packing to Northwest Medical. This is such a reversal of the norm for her and we hope and pray that it continues. The surgery she underwent last week to keep the opening in her stomach from closing is looking super good. She says she can actually hear the fluids leaving her stomach; of course, she is still on a liquid diet but her mental health is improving daily. I was hoping to also give out the news that the doctor thinks she is on the upswing (medically) and that her prognosis has changed from hopeless to hopeful and that she could start having some solid foods. But, alas, she wasn't able to see her physician of choice today due to a scheduling mess-up. She has rescheduled for the 31st so I will let you know what's up then.

I, on the other hand, have taken this break to be a sickie. Both of my ears are infected and are driving me bonkers with their pounding, ringing, and pain. I always have ringing and pain but not to this extent; my eardrum is non-existent in my right ear even after re-constructive surgery many years ago. Anyway . . . Kim is doing great!

I have been working on my digital elements catalog for over three months. It use to have over 10,000 items in it and had to be pared down in order to do me any good, duh! So by combining similar .png elements on one page and moving kits that aren't my absolute favorites to a separate catalog, I have reduced the count to around 6,000! Now I can add the 3 gig(!) of additional items that have been stockpiled while the catalog was being updated. Needless to say, I need to stop acquiring and start using! The weird thing is that most of the stuff I love of other designers, I could probably do myself but I don't think that's cost effective when the time it would take me is figured into the equation! LOL! I might be able to design, but I do not do it very quickly!

It's time for me to do another freebie but I also need to do some photo scanning so I can send off some oldies to Cousins Kent and Deanie. I think they are miffed with me because I haven't sent them anything in a month-can't much blame them. Deanie has been working her little fingers off trying to do a family tree book with photos and it seems like I have more of them in my possession than anyone else we know of. "Bad Livy! Be a good cousin and get off your duff and get some photos posted!" This is me trying to force me to do something. Why is it we tend (or is it 'I tend') to put off doing things that are expected of us?

If any of you haven't visited my friend Vicki C lately, you are missing out! Of course she always has the most outstanding eye candy for us but she is doing a bunch of 'give aways' that she does by drawing a name from those who comment on her blog. Listen guys, she has some serious paper scrapping vendors that she represents and has some great freebies, so do yourself and your art a favor and check in with MY VIC!

Okay, I'm off to see what kind of damage control I can do with the scanner. Y'all all have a wonderfully relaxing, invigorating, loving, and special weekend!


by qwertysis


M.Kate said...

Absolutely GREAT news and we are all so glad. i want you to know that she will continue to be in our prayers always. much love and hugs always :D

Kara Ward said...

I am so happy that Kim is doing better. I think about you often. She has been such a trooper. Hugs-Kara

Vicki C said...

I popped by the read this post earlier to see how thing where with Kim..but was running out the door so didnt get to comment. .. Im back... and have to say.. SO HAPPY things are looking up for Kim! That poor girl has had enough!
As for you Liv.. so sorry to here you arent feeling well and having problems with your ears. You get yourself better missy!
Happy Sunday Friend!

Kara Ward said...

I hope you are okay...I am starting to worry. Kara

rose said...

oh thank the lord that kim is doing so well! keep praying
Oh liv that is no fun with ear infection i hope it clears real quick for you.
Wow you have been down sizing your digi cat lol!!!