Sunday, January 18, 2009

Action Freebie

Hey Y'all,

I have the preview for the size actions finally finished but first the update on Kim.

Kim had to have her gall bladder tested Thursday at Wake Forest. The test was to take a max of 2 hours so of course 4 hours later she finished! It seems that the plan was for the tech's to give her something that would make her gall bladder fill and then something else that would empty it quickly and they would be documenting length of time and such. They couldn't get it to fill all the way and when they went to have it empty it wouldn't do that either! She wasn't told what all of this meant but she has to go back on the 26th to complete the testing for it. She also goes back on the 21st for some other kind of testing. The good thing (we think) is that she was suppose to be in excruciating pain as this filling and emptying were done but that never happened either. I know about gall bladder pain, I had mine removed a few years ago.

I got to see Joshua and Kim yesterday, we went to lunch and then to the pet store to get Joshua outfitted with an aquarium for his room. He has a 1 gallon tank and had 13 little goldfish but his momma got him a crab that decided to assault the poor fish and he killed them one by one! So now the little bugger will have to live alone in the 1 gallon tank while Joshua has another tank for some tropical fish. My grand daughter, Suzy, will be 15 on Wednesday. She didn't go with us yesterday because she had to get 'ready' for her boyfriend. When I brought her mother back at 3:30, Suzy's boyfriend had just gotten there and she walked out, past me, to get into the car with him; didn't speak or acknowledge my presence at all until Kim got her attention and told her to say hello to me. What is wrong with her? She wasn't raised to be ill mannered nor to hurt the feelings of others. I gave her my gift and she didn't even acknowledge it until she called me this morning, after Kim had told her to call me last night! Whew . . .

Here is the preview for the Photoshop CS3 size actions I made you. Anytime you want to resize an element or word you have to do several mouse clicks and you have to enter the percentage points you want. With my actions you can just click on the resize action you want-one click! Hope you enjoy using them-no credit required.

The password to the folder is Valentines and the name of the file is CLGs Size Click the preview for MediaFire files!



Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hi Liv
Thanks for the update on Kim!

Sorry about your granddaughter, I have no idea why some kids hit an age where they are just poopie. I know it is hurtful but in her little teen world she is what is important and adults are just fixtures in her life. Hopefully it will be a short-lived faze.

I need to learn how to make an action, are they hard? I have about 800-1000 photos I need to
1st make into a RGB file from a CMYK
2nd make them all JPG's cause some are Tiffs
3rd I need them a exact size but I need to be able to move around on the photo to get the right placement.
Is that possible at all? I appreciate any input you can give me.

Hope your coming week is a good one!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 18 Jan [LA 09:00pm] - 19 Jan [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

M.Kate said...

Hi ya Liv, glad to hear the update on Kim. Teenagers nowadays..all I can say it must be their hormones..though I dont think I dare to behave like that. My days, parents words were rules and parents are king/queen. It's either their way or the highway..haha!! However, I fully understand. My girls are entering into their teens and I so wish the days when they are toddlers..where mummy is queen and mummy's words are followed, well, no longer the case nowadays. It's hard to be mum to teens nowadays...

Kara Ward said...

KIDS! Don't you just want to remind them the world doesn't revolve around them...never mind. It does at my house! LOL. She was probably mad at her boyfriend and was taking it out on family. Kim sounds like she is in good spirits. I hope they come to the bottom of all of her needs. She deserves to feel good. Hugs-Kara

rose said...

oh love the actions Liv they are darlin
Oh glad to hear more on update on kim ,keeping fingers crossed for her!
Oh teenagers eh, think they are all grown up and she has probably thought oh it only my gran see your a fixture in the teenie world always there so they think oh dont have to speak KWIM! if only they realized how hurtful it can be to be on the other end,she would be first to complain if boot was on the other foot!

big hugs

Vicki C said...

Oh... gallbladder pain.. eeekkk... so been there!
As for 15 year old... Oh my... that is an age that has to be the craziest. Thing will get better with that. I know I pretty darn self centered at that age.