Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Update

Hey Y'all,

Kim went to see the oral surgeon this morning about her exposed teeth roots. She will have to have a skin graft from the roof of her mouth performed on her lower gums. She will also need a custom made prosthetic for her mouth, that will have to be replaced every six months, to protect the roof of it after surgery and to also protect the back surface of her teeth from the vomiting that she is having now. The surgery can be put off up to 18 months so we can wait on the gasteoparesis to calm and for her to stop the violent vomiting. The vomiting has exacerbated the condition which the surgeon says is the result of the braces she had at 10 years old! Thanks again for your prayers and kind thoughts!

I forgot to mention that the png files I gave you yesterday can also be used by paper scrappers. Just choose the one you want and resize/recolor if you want then print them out on a transparency to use on your scrapbook pages. This can really save you some money if you like the look of transparencies since the manufactured ones are rather expensive.

Hugs to all,


M.Kate said...

Sorry to hear about Kim's gum but at least they are getting the diagnosis clearer,I guess it's better than the previous doctors. My prayers are always for you and Kim. Much love and big hugs.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

I am glad that they at least know what to do for Kim's mouth. Sounds awefully painful for her, I am praying this new dr has her on the right track. hugs