Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monday . . . ?

Hey Y'all,

I've been busy keeping up with TFS by Ashalee Wall for 5 weeks now!  It is giving me more confidence in myself and helping me cope with problems.  Ashalee really does have a great penchant for talking us through some sticky situations.  I haven't done everything we are supposed to do as it would probably take up my entire day, each and every day; I am slow!

Well, my friend Vic has gotten her 'groove' back and is posting some pretties on her blog This Art That Makes Me Happy!  Please go by and see what's up with her. I am positive you will love her site and she does give-a-ways a lot!

Well, football season is over but it went out on a 'super' note: The New Orleans Saints won! As my team, Panthers, are in the National Football Conference with the Saints I was glad to see them win.

Kimberli has been up and on her feet for a couple of weeks now and I'm very happy for her and Joshua.  They have been busy doing all sorts of fun things together from attending the circus to going to the movies and watching the SuperBowl with friends.

My granddaughter Tabitha hasn't been to school much in the last two weeks, she lives in central Virginia and has been snowed in with the rest of the mid and Northeast.  She's been having a lot of sledding fun and get togethers with her friends so she hasn't had any regrets about the cancellations.

I am going to set up and up load a 'clear envelope album page' for you, just give me a little while to make a preview and it will be up!

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