Friday, February 5, 2010

Hey Y'all

Well, I'm still not doing too well in the posting but my intentions are good. (what's that they say about intentions and a paved road?)  I understand that my last post wasn't anything but gobbledegoop to y'all-sorry.  It was a blurb about an upcoming scrapbooking show being held here in Charlotte, NC by Creative Memories.  It's on the 13th of this month and if you want me to send you the info via email just email me through the comments section.

Kimberli is doing pretty good, she came down for a visit today.  She brought some photos of Joshua at the circus that I am going to scrap but I don't quite have the time right now. We are having more snow and sleet tonight and tomorrow so visiting this weekend is out.  I'm staying in and watching the super bowl anyway and trying to catch up on some of my recorded TV programs. 

I'm working on The Fulfilled Soul with Ashalee Wall and I might see if I can squeeze in enough time to enter a design contest.  I'm not sure about it because with the work I am supposed to be doing for my girlfriend, the TFS, daily chores, and of course my TV time, well . . . (I think maybe I'm afraid that I will not qualify, anyway) 

Did I mention I was making a purse for my granddaughter?  I took some photos of it but they aren't that good, no natural light to take them in but I might see if I can put up a couple.  She wanted a purse made with John Deere fabric! Too, funny! Well, I made it and she loves it so I guess it's all good!

This is a shot of the interior in the first stages:

Then of the little cell or iPod carrier:

Then the finished:    

Y'all have a great weekend!



Vicki C said...

Oh my Gosh Liv.. that purse is ADORABLE!!! PInk and Green.. John Deere!!

Kara Ward said...

This is out of control WONDERFUL!I am in love. I just bought an Amy Butler purse pattern. I am so scared to use it. I am taking sewing lesson. Me and my Janome are becoming friends. LOL....