Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Kit Soon Available!

Hello Y'all,
Just stopping by to let you know about my new kit 'Soft Spring' and a freebie available to my newsletter subscribers. Sign up for my newsletter (directly to your right in the sidebar) and never miss a freebie of mine! If you sign up within this week I will resend this week's newsletter to you so you may have the freebie quickpage.  My new kit:

I'm also announcing a new layout form I am calling ‘Great Starts!’  These pages are less than quickpages but more than frame clusters; they are not layout templates.  These forms have openings for your photos, like quickpages, but also have room for your personalization with flowers, buttons, bows, journal cards, titles, or any number of elements that would suit your taste.  Sometimes you add a background paper or two and sometimes the background is included in the design.  They enable you to decorate them a little or a lot and should adapt to whatever your designing style might be.  I hope you enjoy using this new type of scrapbooking helper!
The freebie that is available to my newsletter subscribers is also made from my Soft Spring kit:

On a personal note: I have not been all that well (did I tell you it was discovered that I had a heart attack last year?) and have fallen way behind in my correspondence and phone calls and I truly sorry about it.  I have been having checkups, tests, and more tests that are suppose to be supporting good health but sometimes the tests seem to be hazardous to my health! For example: The colonoscopy and endoscopy. If you don't know what they are use Google.  If you do know what they are I'm sorry for you! Yes, I realize that we have to do some very distasteful and uncomfortable things but it has taken me a solid week to get over this one test! I was in a hurry to get all my checkups, including the dentist, behind me before this weekend because my darling grand daughter, Tabitha, was coming to visit us for a week or so and I didn't want anything hanging over my head that would keep me from enjoying her. Surprise! She isn't coming :(  She doesn't want to leave her boyfriend.  I knew this day would come but up until yesterday I thought she would be down this year. Today, actually yesterday, is her 18th birthday! Happy Birthday Baby!
My other grand daughter, Suzanne, graduated from high school this past week! We are all really proud that she went back and finished at the top of her class after having her baby, Gavin, who just this month turned 1!
My grandson, Joshua, has done super good in school this entire year and he was presented with two merit awards, one in science and one in math! He is such a little fellow that we were afraid he was going to be the subject of bullys, but since he is such a jock and an all around nice guy he has, knock wood, been spared.
Well, if I am going to get this new kit in my shops I need to shut up and get moving! Thanks for stopping by!

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