Friday, June 1, 2012

Sharing some photos!

Hello Y'all!
Well, I have been very, very, busy (and frustrated of course), being dragged by my hair, kicking and screaming, to  upgrading my operating system to Windows 7. I love Windows XP so much but my programs were all beginning to have problems because everyone else upgraded a long time ago. Every time I do something like this, I get hit with every possible scenario of flub-ups and errors, even though I always read every direction and keep notes and am extra careful about everything. Other folks just throw a program in and hope for the best and they get it  ;(  Not me! Anyway, I have just about completed it all and am taking a breather so I thought I would check-in here and share a little bit.
My Great Grandson is turning 1 year old this Saturday! His Mom is planning a fun party in a beautiful local park (local to her, that is). I haven't left the house in a long time; I don't like to leave the house.  I'm happy here with my PC and TV and as long as the power doesn't go out before I charge up the NetBook or Reader, I do just fine. But, I am going to try and go to this party if only to walk in and give him a kiss and a gift and leave.  It takes an hour to get there so most of the guest won't think anything of my leaving early since I'm so old and decrepit! I have a few photos of him that I want to share with you; he has really blossomed into a great looking little man!

Isn't he a cutie? Here is one of his Momma in her cap and gown! Yay Suzy!

I have been working on a new kit called Soft Spring.  It's not finished but I have made a gorgeous quickpage to share with you when I upload it to my stores. Just a little 'tease' to get you to come back by and visit me. If you have signed up for my newsletter, it will be available to you before anyone else! So . . . sign up already, gosh! I really do have to get busy on it because once Tabba gets here for her summer visit, I will be off the PC for a while.

I think I am going to take an early night tonight and see if I can catch up on some sleep.  It is just so hot in Carolina that the poor AC is working overtime and it is not easy to sleep when you are 'glistening' as we southern belles do! LOL!  Y'all take care now!

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M.Kate said...

Hello Liv, I missed you so much! Wow...great grandson? but you are so young :) He is absolutely adorable and i love this set of photos :)