Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New! New! New!

I'm excited to tell you about my new Hybrid Baby Shower Party Kit! Yes, that's right! A hybrid and I had scads of fun making it.  It has almost everything you need and all you have to do is print, cut, mail, and add the food and gifts! Stop by your favorite shop of mine and get yours today!

In other news, it is hot, hot, hot, in North Carolina. Tell you something new, huh? Well, Tabitha didn't come down to spend the week with me as planned; she has been bitten by the boyfriend bug and doesn't want to 'leave' him. ;(  Really. Wish it was different but that's the way we are when we are teenagers so I cannot fault her for feeling that way.
My friend Jan is up and about and doing pretty good; she came to see me on Monday! She came over and stayed an hour and we caught up with each other. It was really nice being able to hug her and sit next to her again. It seems so strange to have spent so much time with her over the past year and then not see her for a couple of months. This is my fault as I have once again gotten reluctant/uncomfortable/seized with fear at the prospect of leaving my home. This is something that seems to happen ever few years when the stress of everyday occurrences put me out of kilter. I am hoping it will end soon and I actually thought that when Tabba came down I would be able to go out with her. That's what I get for planning ahead.
Did I tell you that my granddaughter Suzanne graduated from high school this month? I'm really proud of her. My Joshua has passed on to the 7th grade with flying colors! He received merit awards for math and science! Talk about proud! Wow! If you aren't familiar with my Joshua he is my daughter, Kimberli's, son.  He was premature at birth and has been dealing with that plus being dyslexic. It has really been a struggle for the little guy but he is just awesome and never gives up!
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