Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Little Hello!

Hey Y’all,

Well the weekend will be here tomorrow and I still haven’t finished everything I wanted to finish. This seems like par for the course for me lately.  Two steps forward and one back is the route I seem to be taking. I thought I was on my way to accomplishing some good stuff this week but do you want to know what took me down? Acid Reflux/Heartburn! A certain person in my household decided to cook turkey burgers while watching television, she burnt them.  Need I say more? I am so sensitive to food odors and in particular, turkey food odors because they activate my acid reflux disease and it has been going on now for 5 days!  I have scrubbed down everything in the kitchen, climbed a step ladder (which I haven’t done in years) to change all the air filters on the AC/VAC unit, boiled vinegar, boiled cinnamon, sprayed disinfectant and room deodorizers, sprinkled baking soda in the sinks and down the drains, opened the windows and doors, and complained and whined and nothing has helped! I cannot think of anything else to do except move!

Another three anniversaries were reached this week, first (8/11) was the 4th anniversary of my Dad’s death, next (8/15) was Kimberli’s 43rd birthday, and (8/17) the 2nd anniversary of my Cousin Kent’s death. It is hard to forget the anniversaries of the death of important folks in your life but when they coincide with other happier anniversaries, like birthdays and Christmas, it is doubly hard for me. The folks left behind by these two men are all very sad about losing them still. 

My friend Vic is having a festival at her home in October that you should check out if you are in the neighborhood of North Bend, Nebraska! She has been posting photos to FaceBook all week and making my mouth water with crafts as well as collectables; check out her album:  Vicki Chrisman.

One of the fun things I have been doing this week is enjoying the photography of my friend Chris.  Chris has entertained her grandson, Tyler, all week with trips all over the London countryside.  While they are enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of the area, I have been enjoying the photos she has shared with me.  She has posted a few on her blog, Chris’s Design Place, and they are really good shots; I don’t know what camera she uses but the colors are bright and the photos crisp! You should check them out so go HERE.

When I get back to being myself, it is my goal to get some freebies posted, make some designer blinkies for my team, and send out a newsletter.  I am going to send out the same freebie links as last newsletter even though it has been a while because I promised those who signed up last week they would receive them too. Yes, my newsletter is another place I having fallen behind on because of this dreaded reflux!

Here’s hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend and stay well!

PS: If you love digital freebies, you should visit my friend, Jodiann, on her blog to get some of the best I have ever seen. Look at this one! 


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Chris Allport said...

Thank you Liv so much for the publicity for my blog. Hope to post some more photos later today of our trip to Windsor yesterday.

I agree with you that Jodiann is awesome and her freebies (for which I have the CU licence) are absolutely wonderful.

Luv Chris