Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Break!

I'm taking a break from my break! I am sooo tired of the online CS3 tutorials. I decided I needed to do a layout and I did it in PSElements5. Didn't feel up to tackling CS3 for it. I fashioned this entirely with Flergs' new Boys Grab Bag kit with a few minor alterations. It is currently on sale at Scrapbook Graphics, so hurry over and get it (there is a Girls Grab Bag too).

King of my Heart

I promise to make some new Freebies soon but I might just have to do it in Elements. I am going to try with CS3 though. I'm so wound up from watching those videos that I can't sleep; it's 4:41am here! I'm suppose to go to a birthday luncheon around noon-wonder if I'll make it?

Remember I told you about my Uncle Wilber? I forgot to mention that the U. S. Flag has been ordered to fly at half mast, on all government installations on March 19, in his honor. March 19 is when we will have the formal Arlington Cemetery interment.

Hope to be back again soon! Tootles!


Vicki C said...

First of all, I want to give you this {HUG}!!! Did you feel that? lol Seriously...thankyou for always making my day with your fun, kind, informative, lighthearted, thoughtful, funny, comments on my silly blog! You are always a bright spot in my day friend!
Second... SO cool, about your Uncle
Third... Love your blog tunes!
Fourth... I hope you are submitting your digi stuff to Scrapbook Dimensions?

Vicki C said...

Oh forgot a couple of things...
fifth- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout!
sixth- "Sicki Vicki" made me laugh my head off! (it feels like it's about to fall off anyway... but still I laughed really hard! That was a good one!" lol