Tuesday, March 25, 2008

*%&# Squirrels

I had to post because I needed to vent! The squirrel that I have battled since last Thanksgiving has now invited his true love to live with him. I know this how? BECAUSE THE BLASTED THINGS ARE MAKING LOVE RIGHT OVER MY HEAD EVERY MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as the sun starts to come up they are "going at it" like bunnies. They are so noisy it is impossible to sleep through it. And just think, I will have an entire family up there soon! I have scattered mothballs all over the attic, (so much so that my eyes water downstairs) I bought 3 of those high frequency what-cha-ma-callits that are suppose to chase away all mammals and put them up there. The Hav a hart trap is still up there too. I'm going bonkers! We had a pest control company come by but they wanted a fortune plus $100 per squirrel that they caught in traps set outside, duh, I guess they thought because I'm old I'm also stupid! Can you imagine what that bill would have been? And to top off my morning I find Anonymous has once again commented on my posts with info to make me look bad (hey, I only saw 6 horses each time)! Why can't you leave your name? We could talk! You are obviously kin to me and were at the funeral. Oh, well. I have plenty of friends to critic what I do-don't need anymore.

Hope y'all have a great day. I hope to post some freebies soon.


PS: Okay, got another message from Anon. See, I thought I counted correctly (that's a relief, I don't want my brain to stop working), LOL! I really wasn't offended, just cannot understand why you post as Anonymous? If you aren't kin to me you must be interested in the Army or at least the SMA, so let's chat!


Anonymous said...

I know there were only (6) horses used. I posted the notation to let you and your readers know that the horses were permanently named in honor of of your uncle Wilbur and the other Sergeant Majors of the Army. Sorry if that offended you.

Vicki C said...

$100 each??? Yikes... we only have about a trillion of them here, so that would get expensive fast. I have to say, you post explaining the events of the little buggers made me smile a little bit. Sorry hon, I really do feel your frustration.. it's just cute the way you described it. lol