Friday, March 28, 2008

A Scraplift Challenge

Hey Y'all,
I just finished posting my entry for the ScrapLift Challenge Week 13 at Scrapbook Graphics. It was a totally awesome layout to scraplift and I hope I did it justice. I decided to use two old photos of my mom back in 1939-40 (just a good guesstimate). Yep, she's been gone a while now, ten years . . . but I promise you that anyone that ever knew her has certainly not forgotten her. She was a Pistol with a capital "P." She went through a lot in her 73 years, 2 marriages, 4 children, cancer, 2 brain aneurysms, and a host of other things I'd rather not mention (LOL). Anywho, here is my layout:

PP: Flergs Vintage Garden Floral 3, 1(altered), & StrawberryDelight Mini paper 2; Tear: Flergs VintageGardenFloral horiz. tear; Birgit Kerr Edgy Edges Cardboard; Aged Frame: Me; Flergs PsychoMagnet Ribbon 1 & Caramel Pudding Bow Wrap;PaintTheMoon Leaves Tie1;Flergs Rough & Tumble Tag;Flergs Cherry Blossom Borders 6; Flergs Nanas Secret Garden Leaves;Flergs Butterfly Garden Flower 3;Font: TrueType English 111 Vivace; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3

In her day, she was considered very beautiful. My dad always said she was a "knock-out!"

I have had a heck of a week! Wow! Spring break was certainly busy for me; I had umpteen visitors. All the little kiddos were out of school and the moms brought them to see me. So lovely. I got to see my North Carolina grands twice so far this week and maybe it will be three times if they come tomorrow. I have to take advantage of the weekends now because softball and soccer are getting ready to begin and then I'm a sports nanny.

It's getting late and I have loads to do before bed so . . .



Kara Ward said...

Your mom is a "Knock Out"! What a lovely layout. My mom is 75 and full of vingar also. When I would complain about being tired, she would always say...YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU ARE DEAD! I hope I am full of that same spirit!! I am enjoying your blog so much...thanks for sharing. -K

Vicki C said...

Oh Liv... I think this my very favorite of yours!!! STUNNING my friend...just stunning. I love the colors, design and every little detail!

Vicki C said...

I tagged you today Liv!