Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I've Been Remiss & I've Been Tagged!

Hey Y'all! I've not been a very good blogger lately. It's just that I really haven't had much to say other than the blasted squirrel is upstairs rearranging his love nest with his current fling. Did I tell you that my bedroom smells of moth balls!? They are suppose to keep squirrels away, nuf said.

My daughter came down today and we did a little bit of shopping and stopped in at the Dollar Tree on the way home. My goodness! Every time I go in there I find some real gems! Look at these chipboard albums! Chipboard, not paper, Chipboard! The larger one came just as you see it and you can combine it with another one because they link together. The smaller one has all these extra elements to go with it. I plan on altering them and making one into a birthday album for a friend (a'la Vicki C!)

The only thing that has to be added to the tiny one, whose pages are 3 1/4" square, are photos and ribbon to bind the pages together.

My sweet friend Ms. Vicki Chrisman has "tagged" me so I am going to try and answer these 8 questions (wish me luck) and I have to tag 4 more people who have blogs which isn't too easy for me:

1. Four jobs I have held: 1st was a Howard Johnson's waitress after school; 2nd was as a nurses' aide in a mental hospital between my junior and senior year of high school; 3rd was the Service Department manager at a local furniture store (sounds grander than it was-I had one guy to send out) ; 4th was a "front office" worker at our local GEM Store (which I think was the forerunner of the warehouse style stores we have today). The most interesting job I held was as the Security Manager of a large Richmond bank.
2. Four movies I could watch over and over: 1st Shrek; 2nd Gone With The Wind; 3rd The High and the Mighty (old black and white version with John "Duke" Wayne) 4th Any Mel Gibson flick. I really don't watch them much nowadays-I fall asleep if I sit still too long! LOL
3. Four places I have lived: 1st Richmond, Virginia; 2nd Henrico Country, Virginia; 3rd Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; 4th Chester, Virginia. I stayed in Virginia until 1991 when I moved to my present home in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC.
4. Four TV shows I like: 1st Grey's Anatomy; 2nd All the CSI's; 3rd The Shield; 4th Nip/Tuck; 5th Battlestar Gallactica; and all the reality shows! I'm a TV nut!
5. Four people who email me regularly: 1st Jan; 2nd Carol; 3rd Jodi; 4th Ed
6. Four favorite foods: 1st Pasta; 2nd Butter Pecan Ice Cream; 3rd Pizza; 4th Popcorn (that was harder to choose than I thought it would be)
7. Four places I'd rather be: 1st Outer Banks of North Carolina with someone who loves me; 2nd Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Kim, Joshua, Suzy, and Tabba; 3rd Driving anywhere in my new Toyota 4Runner (this is fantasy folks-I don't own a car) 4th Right here at home in front of my computer designing scrapbook elements.
8. Four people I'm tagging:
1. Megan (Flergs, aka Little One)
2. Jill
3. Ellie
4. Rozanne

Okay, guys, it's up to you now!


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LeslieinTN said...

Hey, I linked to your blog from the SB Dimensions site/thread. Love the goodies you found! Wow! Enjoyed reading your answers for the questions too. :)