Monday, April 21, 2008

I Did it!

Yep Y'all, I called in the big guns to handle the little gray furries. It breaks my heart to think they might be hurt but they have got to go. I'm so exhausted from battling them and the creepy ones that I'm what my mom use to call 'punch drunk!' The man promised to be here tomorrow at noon; hope I don't get ripped off. I know that's not a good attitude but it's like every time I need to have something done around this house I find the worst possible people to do it. It just seems like if you're over 60 and have a Southern accent trades people think you're stupid. Anyway, thanks for caring y'all.

It is certainly amazing how many people have contacted me about my critter troubles to offer good thoughts and prayers! So many nice people from around the world; isn't the Internet awesome? You never have to be alone anymore. I feel so lucky to be 'computer savvy' at my age. I've been dealing with them for more than half my life and find it truly perplexing the shear volume of baby boomer's who don't know the first thing about the Internet or computers. I would be so lonely if I didn't have all of you! Keep in touch!



Donna Lynn said...

Sweet Liv,
I am so happy that your having your critters hauled off, I am praying for a wonderful nights sleep for you soon! I was telling God today how much peace you need right about now...Sending big hugs your way, Donna Lynn

Vicki C said...

Oh.. here's hoping tomorrow goes really well!!!

Donna Lynn said...

Liv, Please email me and let me know how it all went with the critters!

Lots of hugs!!!!
Donna Lynn

Vicki C said...

Oh.. I'm dying to know how the day went! lol